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Deca Homes

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DECA Homes

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Date Posted:  10/15/2013

Deca Homes Indangan is now accepting reservations.  For inquiries, pls feel free to contact us. Text or call Aimee P. Maturan on 0917-6273008, 330-5441, 0923-4894320, 0908-3618127.

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                 Lot Area           90 sqm    (Minimum)               no details yet

               Floor Area          35.10 sqm     (Standard)          no details yet

         Package Price          Php 973,000                           no details yet

     Loanable Amount          Php 953,000                           no details yet

 Step 1:   Reservation         Php 7,000                          no details yet            (To reserve a Blk & Lot.)

 Step 2:          Equity         Php 7,000/mo (3 mos)     no details yet           (for 6 mos frm reservation)

 Step 3: Amortization         Php 8,450 /mo                no details yet           (amort. for the first 5 yrs)

 Step 4: Amortization         Php 9,300 /mo                no details yet            (amort. for the 6th-25th yr)

Features And

►Basketball Court

►Parks & Playground

►Multi-purpose Hall

►and more..soon!!!